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The Future

Means of advertising like the yellow pages are dying. If you have enough time, you should watch cable television one night this week. Count how many commercials you see that relate to smart phones with the capability to connect to the internet. The large cellular phone companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Cellular South know that there is a huge market of potential smart phone users to add to the current market of smart phone users. While you are counting you will also see phone manufacturers like Google and Apple that are also weighing in on the advertising. Now we are sure you are asking, what does this mean for my business? What it means is that your customers will be searching for your services through the use of their smart phones and high speed internet connections before they think about walking to their kitchen drawer and pulling out the yellow pages. What does that mean for your business? You need to consider your website's position in the search engines as well as complete internet marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization, The Most Important Internet Marketing Service

You have probably heard of a search engine before but you might be more familiar with the main search engine that is used today and that is Google. Google holds around 75% of the total market share for internet searches and all other search engines make up the other 25%. So now you know are familiar with what a search engine is, what about optimization? Optimization is simply defined as making something functional, perfect or effective.

Think about it, how many sites do you think sell golf clubs? Thousands, if not tens of thousands. How many will you look at if you search golf clubs? Maybe three. The ones that you will actually look at in the search engine results are the ones at the very top. These are in fact the most relevant results.

That is our goal, to make your site the most relevant. This in turn will make the search engines display your site higher on their results page. Many people that we speak with had no idea that we could do things to make their site appear higher on every search engine including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The truth is that is our goal with every client is to get their site to the highest possible location on every search engine for the search terms that people would use to find their business.

The Internet Development Group Difference

Located in Starkville Mississippi, The Internet Development Group's focus is optomizing your site to place at the top of the search engines. Every single part of your site will be strategically laid out in a way to first get the your potential customers to your website and secondly gaining their trust and changing them from potential customer to actual customer. After your site is at the top of the search engines we want to do enough maintenance that when search engine optimization is a common phrase and your competitors want to pass you in the search results that it will not be economically feasible. We feel that a solid search engine strategy is the cornerstone to a successful internet marketing campaign. Investing 1$ in your internet marketing strategy today will cost your competitors 10$ in the future to match your effort.

Are You Ready For The Top?

If your main focus is having a user friendly website that ranks at the top of the search engines for the phrases associated with your business or if you want to talk about any other types of internet marketing, call our office at 662.418.9637. We are available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are viewing this page after business hours, feel free to use our contact form and we will contact you the next business day.

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