Custom Programming

No matter your needs, The Internet Development Group can help. We have a proven process to guarantee a solution that will work for your customized needs.

We Use A Six Step Process

We will first begin by gathering information. This will help us get a better understanding of your problem and what we can do to help you find a solution. We will use tools such as interviews, questionnaires, and other types of research. We will then use this gathered information to begin developing a solution.

During the second phase we will begin to plan out the overall structure of your solution. From what data needs to be stored to how the information flows, we will take into account every detail. Once we have a good understanding of the big picture we will then begin to drill down and plan out each individual part.

During the third phase we will plan out individual processes and features.

Once we have each individual process planned out we will move into the fourth phase, coding. Depending on your solution we will select a coding language and platform to best fit your needs. If it is a web based system we could use PHP and a MYSQL database. If it is a desktop application we might use Visual Basic and an Access Database. We always let the needs of your solution determine the coding language that we use.

After coding has been completed we will move into the fifth stage, testing. We have very strict testing policies in place to guarantee you are not delivered a faulty system.

The last stage is maintenance. From time to time your system will need some tweaking in order to maintain its effectiveness for your changing business. From start to finish we will be there every step of the way.

We Specialize in PHP and MYSQL Web Applications

Below is a list of other supported languages.

Are You Ready For A Custom Solution?

If you have a problem that you feel could be solved with a customized programming solution from The Internet Development Group or you just have questions about custom programming and ways we can leverage or skills to help your company, call our offices at 662.418.9637. We are available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are viewing this page after business hours, feel free to use our contact form and we will contact you the next business day.

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