The Internet Development Group Launches Jim Childs Insurance

June 4th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

With an emphasis on customer service and providing the best rates to the people of Rome GA, Jim Childs is a hard working insurance agent in Rome Georgia. The Internet Development Group developed a new insurance website for Jim and his staff that is well optimized and will crawl to the top of the search engine results for his area. Jim has a great location in Rome and is already listed in the Google Maps results, but with this website we hope for him to move up to the number one spot in the maps and organic results for all the terms associated with his business like auto insurance Rome GA. So if you are in the Rome area and are in need of a great insurance agent, be sure to get a quote from Jim Childs and check out his new Rome Insurance website.

A Personal Project, I Finally Launch My Own Webstore

June 2nd, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Ever since I began ecommerce development around three years ago I have always been looking for a niche to target online. The one problem that I have always had is that I didn’t have any products to sell and was not willing to make a large investment for a startup that might not produce. As luck would have it I began talking to my good childhood friend Thomas Ferguson and we decided to use his wood working expertise and begin to manufacture and sell the highest quality lazy susans online. Although fairly competitive, the online lazy susan market does not have a real leader when it comes to quality. We are currently in our product development stage and will be for the next several months. We plan to have a full line of glass lazy susans, wood lazy susans, wine barrel lazy susans, and many more types including marble, granite, and corian.

Please take a moment and check out our new lazy susan webstore and if you are in the market for a lazy susan be sure to check back often as we will be adding products weekly.

How Internet Marketing Relates to Major League Baseball

May 28th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Year after year and month after month the online landscape is becoming more and more competitive for every industry on the internet. I think that everyone knows that ecommerce is and will always be the most competitive landscape however I personally feel that you can use ecommerce as a good measure of how competitive other industries will become in years to come. As more and more people are using search engines like Google to research local businesses I feel that old methods of research like the yellow pages will soon fade away. We speak to alot of business owners everyday and when you ask their opinion on this subject most of them will quickly agree saying “Yes no doubt, I guess I have just not thought about it like that before”. The truth is that all business owners need to think about it because the time to prepare for the future is now.

Years ago Babe Ruth dominated Major League Baseball. In 1914 Ruth began his career with the Red Sox, starting off he was only used as a pitcher. Starting in 1918 Ruth began to play outfield and pitch less, this is when he began to become the great hitter we know him for today. At the end of 1919 Ruth was sold to the Yankees and never looked back. Ruth ended his career in 1935 with a record 714 home runs. If you could sum up Babe Ruth’s career in one word it would be dominant.

There is no doubt in my mind that Babe was a great ball player. However, I can not help but wonder how he would stack up against some of the power hitters today and how he would perform against some of the great pitchers that are playing today. I personally believe that if you took 1927 Babe Ruth and put him in the Major Leagues today, he would not perform as well as he did in 1927. That is not saying that if he grew up in this era that he would have not worked hard to be the best and be as good as he was back then today, but I am saying the level of competition he played against was not as high as it is today and there is no way he could compete. The truth is the Major League players today eat, breath, and live baseball from the time they were old enough to wear a glove. Starting off most of them are genetically gifted. They also have nutritionists and doctors that make their bodies where it can perform on the best that it can. They study film and practice continually. The bottom line is the competition is simply higher.

Internet Marketing is the same way. Instead of taking 80 years to progress like the competition in Major League Baseball, it is progressing at a much faster pace. Five years ago very few local businesses had a business website. Now days it is extremely important and it 5 years from today it will be essential. This is the information age and as people learn how to research online, they will began to do it more often. Just like ecommerce is a good measure on competitiveness, I feel that power Google users like myself are a good measure of how people will research in the future. From researching bluetooth headsets to finding a vet to take my puppy, I use Google to research everything. I first learned about Google in a Technology Applications class in high school. That was about 9 years ago. It took awhile for me to rely on Google or search engines in general as much as I do today but I am seeing people progress alot quicker than I did simply because high speed internet connections are more ubiquitous now then they were back then. What does all this mean? It means that more people will be using search engines to research businesses which in turn means that advertising online is going to become more competitive. No longer will simply having a website take care of your online marketing. You need a website that is highly optimized so that it ranks higher than your competition in Google and the other search engines, you need a blog on your website so that you can add content to it from time to time so that the search engines see your website as current, and you need a website done by a professional that is laid out with the highest usability and has a call to action so that you will get a return on your investment. Just like some of the major league baseball players in the past years, you need a website that is on steroids.

To learn more about our turn key website development or if you have questions about what we can do for your company, please feel free to contact us.

The Benefits of a Blog for Search Engine Rank – Sub directory or sub domain

May 24th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Blogs are quite an awesome tool to help boost search engine rank. Most business portfolio sites have core pages that describe their business. These pages rarely change and for the most part won’t be added to. With a blog the site owner can update information about about their business that falls outside of their core pages. This gives your visitors the opportunity to just learn about your core services when they navigate to your website and it also gives them the opportunity to dive in a little bit deeper and learn more about your company itself.

Like I mentioned earlier the core pages on most business portfolio sites are not updated that frequently. Blogs are a perfect tool to add content to your site periodically. This lets the search engines know that you have fresh content and they will see your site as more important that your competition because it is constantly updated and overtime you will have generated a large amount of content that is just simply more than your competition has. For instance lets say you are trying to rank for the term “Auto insurance your city”. Your competition has one auto insurance page on their site explaining their core service. You also have an auto insurance page on your site but you also have 10 blog posts about auto insurance. Which site do you think the search engines will see as more important for auto insurance? Yours, the one with more content.

I personally like adding blogs to a sub directory rather than a sub domain. Our blog is in our /internetmarketing/ sub directory. If you look at the address bar above you will see… an example of a sub domain would be Search engines see sub domains as a totally separate website from the main site. I personally like knowing that when I add a blog post that I am adding content to my site, not that I am adding content to another site. Sometimes people use blogs as a way to produce back links to their main site. By adding a blog to a sub domain you can accomplish this, but it might take some time before the blog has enough history to provide any real benefits for back links.

If have any questions or just want to talk about any of our internet marketing services please contact us.

Canvas and Cocktails Client Success

May 20th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

About 15 months ago Brittney Wilson from Canvas and Cocktails contacted a friend of mine to design a website for her new business. Once the design was completed it was handed off to us and we did a number of custom programming jobs for her. We setup a content management system and a calendar so she could add classes and her visitors could sign up for them, we installed a custom blog, and we even did some search engine work where she is currently ranking number 2 for “Painting classes Denver”. Brittney is an awesome client because she is such a hard worker. It was not that uncommon for me to receive emails from her after midnight. She makes us look good because of the hard work she poured into her own business which made it a success.

Brittney is now in the process of opening up a second location for her store. She provides a very trendy and fun service in which she supplies all the materials needed for painting an image and then provides instruction on how to paint. If you are interested in starting up a new business or just want to view some of our custom programming please visit Canvas and Cocktails. Brittney has a service in which she will guide you through the process she took to become successful with her store. To sum up her service, it is like a franchise but without all the legal work.

We would like to congratulate Brittney on all her success and wish her the best in the coming months as her business grows.


The Internet Development Group Launches Riles Insurance

May 20th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Located in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Riles Insurance Agency is a full service independent insurance agency. Riles Insurance carries many different insurances including Progressive and The Hartford. We are very excited about adding the Riles Insurance Agency’s website to our portfolio. Chris is an awesome client to work with and we look forward to a long lasting relationship. So if you are in need of some Tuscaloosa Insurance please contact Chris because we are sure he will treat you right. Chris carries a full line of auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance.

The Internet Development Group Launches Cheap Florida Insurance

May 18th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Cheap Florida Insurance is a website aimed to target local markets in Florida and provide them relevant insurance information about Florida and how to choose a good insurance agent. Cheap Florida Insurance is an educational tool for the people of Florida. Over time more and more content will be added to the site which will make it more relevant to the individual target markets. If you are in the market for Florida Auto Insurance, Florida Home Insurance, Florida Health Insurance, or Florida Life Insurance, please visit Cheap Florida Insurance

The Internet Development Group Launches Chris Rhett Insurance

May 14th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Located in Columbus, Mississippi, Chris Rhett Insurance Agency is an up and coming insurance agency offering a full line of insurance policies. What I like best about Chris and his agency is that he is dedicated to customer service. It definitely showed that Chris was very well organized and always knew exactly what was going on during the entire project. We are very excited about Chris Rhett Insurance Agency’s new website. They enlisted in our turn-key insurance website development package. With that package, all they were responsible for was approving our work along the way. We handled every bit of the content generation, programming, and design.

Chris Rhett Insurance Agency offers auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and many other types of insurance for Columbus MS and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about Chris Rhett Insurance Agency and to view their newly developed website, please visit their insurance columbus website at

The Internet Development Group Launches Baylis Insurance

May 7th, 2010 by Michael Clardy

Late last week Chuck Baylis of Baylis Insurance Agency inc in Hattiesburg Mississippi contacted us in need of a website for his already successful insurance agency. Within a week we designed and developed his new Hattiesburg insurance website.

Like any successful insurance agent, Chuck was very well organized which made him a pleasure to work with. We are excited for Baylis Insurance and excited for us to be able to add a great client to our current list of great clients.

If you are interested in our insurance website packages, please contact us today.

The Internet Development Group launches Stacia Johnson Insurance

May 3rd, 2010 by Michael Clardy

The Internet Development Group’s latest release is an insurance website for Stacia Johnson in Vicksburg MS. Stacia provides great customer service and now has website to showcase some of her insurance offerings. Stacia enlisted in our insurance website package where we handled everything from registering her domain to writing the content for the individual pages. From start to finish the entire project took 2 weeks.

To learn more about Stacia and some of her insurance offerings please visit Vicksburg Insurance.

If you would like to find out what we can do for your business, or if you just want a free quote, please Contact Us