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Canvas and Cocktails Instructional painting studios are popping up in major cities throughout the United States. As any startup business owner knows, it is important to save time and money where you can. At The Internet Development Group we believe having a well thought out website that helps manage your classes and customers will help you accomplish both.

Introducing Artistic Calendars!

In addition to the normal package that is mentioned below, The Internet Development Group, LLC has developed a subscription based service to better serve our customers! Artistic Calendars is the culmination of 6 years of event management system development. We took all of our features, bundeled them in a subscription based service with lower startup cost and free upgrades and made them available with an extremely easy to use website. For more information on Artistic Calendars, please visit us at http://artisticcalendars.com.

Non-Subscription Based Service - Painting Studio Website Package

We Will Guide You Through the Entire Process

From hosting setup to the ability to accept credit cards, we will guide you through the entire process. When you sign up with The Internet Development Group, LLC you get a partner that has years of experienece project managing painting studio website developments.
User Friendly Administrative Console
We will provide you with a secure password protected administrative console where you can upload new paintings, add edit and delete classes on your event calendar, update any informational pages on your site, view users who have signed up for events, and any other custom functionality. Every function within the admin console is laid out to be very user friendly and intuitive. We will provide you with the proper documentation as well as a walk trough to make sure you are more than prepared to make updates in the future.

Event Calendar
After adding events in your administrative console your visitors will be able to browse your event calendar and pick a painting they would like to paint. We have the ability to simply get your users information, or build a custom cart that allows you to process credit cards with a payment processor like your personal bank.* If you need any guidance on this portion please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to make a recommendation.

Contact Us Page
We will provide you with a contact us page that lists your phone number, email, and email contact form in case you ever have a customer that needs to contact you.

Informational Pages
We can setup as many informational pages that you would like to feature different services that you offer.

We will walk you through the process of setting up your own hosting account with GoDaddy. We want you to have complete contol and a sense of ownership over your website.

Accept Credit Cards Through Your Site
We have relationships with payment processors and will put them in contact with you. From here you can compare rates and choose the best option for you. If you already have a relationship with a payment processor then we can tailor our programming to work with any processor.

Starting at $1499.00

*Some payment processors might be subject to an additional fee.
*GoDaddy hosting fee is around an extra $50.00 per year.

Additional Add Ons

We can design a well laid out website that is easy to navigate which allows your visitors to easily sign up for your classes and also be impressed with your professionalism before they even attend class.
Additional Price: Contact Us For Quote

Coupon Code Manager
We can give you the ability to create coupon codes for your customers to use while checking out. You can set an expiration date, percentage or dollar amount off, and a customized coupon code. From here we will record all purchases made with the coupon code and provide you with reports so you can see how your coupon code campaigns are preforming. This provides a great marketing opportunity and will help drive additional business.
Additional Price: $475.00

Gift Card Manager
We can install our gift card manager. With this manager you will be able to create gift card packages and them be automatically added to your store. A package might include something like buy 2 and get 10$ off and any other combination you can think of. When a shopper purchases a gift card they will have the ability to automatically email the recipient a confirmation. The buyer will also be sent a confirmation as well as yourself. The gift card information will then be entered into a database residing on your server and the shopper will be able to checkout with a gift card via your website. There is also a printable gift certificate that the buyer can print out and give as a gift.
Additional Price: $575.00

Multiple Location Add On
If you already have a business with multiple locations or if you are just now starting out and know that you are going to succeed and will be opening a second or third location in the future, we have a solution for you. With our administrative console we can add the ability to split calendars to allow for multiple store locations.
Additional Price: $300.00

Wordpress Blog Setup
We will install a wordpress blog on the backend of your site. A blog will be very beneficial in search engine ranking and we will provide instruction on how to get your site to rank higher for terms like “Girls night out Your City", “Bachelorette Party Your City", or “Painting Classes Your City". We also offer a full range of internet marketing services to help people find your services more easily.
Additional Price: $375.00

Are You Ready for a User Friendly Content and Customer Management System For Your Painting Studio?

Contact us today, . Call our office at 662.418.9637, we are open from 8:00am – 6:00pm cst Monday – Thursday and from 8:00am – 5:00pm cst Friday. If you are viewing this page after business hours please leave us a message though our contact form.

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