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Pay per click or PPC is a form of advertising where the advertiser places an online ad on a search engine's result page and pays the search engine company every time the ad is clicked. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo all have ad centers in which we can setup the type of ad you want to run for your business. With these ad centers we are able to set a budget, the search phrases we will target, the schedule that the ad will run, as well as many more criteria.

PPC Advertising Is Very Powerful...If It Is Managed Correctly

There are some very strategic decisions that can be made to make you ads more effective. The first area in which The Internet Development Group will pay attention is the actual wording of your ad. You want the wording of the ad to relate personally to the potential visitor's search phrase. The second area that we pay even closer attention to is the page the ad links to. This page needs to be setup in a way so that the visitor knows that they have reached the correct page for their search. From title tags to the footer, we will not overlook any detail.

Are You Ready for Professional PPC Management?

If you are interested in learning more about our pay per click management service or you just want some information on pricing, call our offices at 662.418.9637. We are available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you are viewing this page after business hours, feel free to use our contact form and we will contact you the next business day.

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